Having any sort of charges being pressed against you should be a cause for alarm and concern. Criminal charges can be an even bigger issue because they can either lead to a mark on your permanent record which is not ideal, and in worse-case scenarios, you can be sentenced to prison for a duration of time. This is where having the right and adequate legal representation can help you because you can either walk out with a slap on your rest and no charges on your permanent record, or you can end up with a lesser sentence. You can look into criminal defense lawyers – Law Offices of Jerry Nicholson as an option, and if you are looking for pointers when it comes to choosing your lawyers, then you can keep on reading below:

  • Your lawyer should be licensed and should have experience dealing with criminal cases. You can also run a check on the lawyer and see if they have any history of misdemeanors or potential ethical violations with the bar.
  • Your lawyer should ideally have experience dealing with cases that are similar to yours in nature.
  • They should be honest about their success rate when it comes to court trials, and if they say every trial has always gone in their favor, then they are lying.
  • They should not make any promises or guarantees for you, and they should be honest and upfront about what to expect after going over the details of your case with you.
  • You should personally feel comfortable with them, and they should be receptive to your concerns and questions. Your gut instinct is important here, so if you find yourself having doubts or feel uncomfortable disclosing information to them, then they are not the right option for you.