Last Of Songs – by Irit Dekel & Eldad Zitrin offer a unique and enchanting collage of jazz, contemLaporary folk and traditional vocal pop managing to weave arrangements that recall grandiose early 20th century compositions with modern recording techniques. Their debut self-titled LP is the kind of album that is filled to the brim with elegant melodies that remain with you long after they have been heard. Imagine seminal jazz legend Billie Holiday jamming with French maestros AIR.

It wasn’t that long ago that singer/actress Irit Dekel was seeking out an ideal collaborator who she could truly trust with the left field compositions she had been assembling for several years. Eldad Zitrin on the other hand was a jazz purist for much of his formative years before splintering off and immersing himself in a variety of rock and pop production duties at the time.

What begun as the quintessential artist/producer relationship swiftly evolved into an unexpected and wonderful musical marriage built on an unequivocal mutual admiration. This complete faith in each other’s ability meant Eldad Zitrin had total creative freedom in his process and was able to inject those same harmonies that had once been such a big part of his life into these new compositions.

Eldad Zitrin

Ever a consummate professional, It wasn’t long before they were both equally invested in the project and this personal and deeply spiritual material was given a heartbeat of it’s own. ‘Last Of Songs’ symbolizes these scraps of songs and long harboured melodies deconstructed and re-imagined with a luscious new vision.

No two Last Of Songs performances are alike, their tracks take on a whole new meaning live with the duo opting for different orchestral formats depending on the venue and occasion. They’ve been known to perform as an intimate 6 piece, as a string infused 10 piece and have also played legendary shows with a 30+ piece Andalusian Orchestra. The result is layer upon layer of haunting arpeggios and alluring orchestral lines acting as a wonderfully atmospheric backdrop for Irit’s sultry vocals to display their full range of emotions. Having been featured in the Tel Aviv Jazz Festival & Eilat Jazz Festival in 2013 & 14; Last Of Songs is now building momentum for an international debut- presenting at festivals world wide this Summer & Autumn 2014.