Music is more about living it rather than just the technique. The key ingredients to being a good musician or more specifically a jazz player are courage and talent.

Courage is something that you need no matter what you want to be, it is an essential part of life. No matter how experienced you are or how much knowledge you have there are still some moments where you need to be brave and should know how to handle such situations. Whether you like it or not these moments come in the life of every musician, and these moments usually come when you are performing in front of an audience that is not showing interest or not engaging even when you are giving your best. Also when you keep practicing even with all the frustrations you have in life. These are the moments you need to be brave enough to face the reality and if you pull through then that is the best feeling you will ever experience.

Asking someone for help when you cannot pass through the dark tunnel or when you want to learn something new is never an easy thing to do especially for musicians. Being brave is more than just moving past your problems, it is an action and a state of mind. Being brave will lead you to the light and you will break through all your troubles and worries. It does not matter whether your problem is small or big, if you have the courage you will make it through and at the end that is what actually matters.

Courage is not a small thing, in any way, just like you need skills and talent for being a good musician you need skills for being courageous as well. The three key elements to being brave are good guidance, focus, and practice. It is not just a onetime thing, you have to learn to stand up for what you value and continue to make decisions that will represent your courage and show the world that you are someone who values what you believe in.

Being a symbol of courage not only will represent what you believe in but will also help in building you as a person, you will learn to grow as a good human being and most importantly you will have the feeling of self-satisfaction which is by far the best feeling in the world. Try to learn from other people and give others opportunities to be brave and courageous. Help others grow and grow yourself since growth is a process that never stops.

Thousands of people share their brave moments, this helps them grow and also motivates others to stand up and gather courage. Share your moments with others to help them grow as well. Tell the world how you got to where you are now there are thousands of people who are waiting to learn from your experience.