Eldad Zitrin was born in 1980 in Tel Aviv and has been living in the big city all his life. He is in a relationship, and father of two. Since he can remember himself, Eldad was dealing with music: his first piano lessons were taken at the age of 5.5. He studied classical music for 10 years, and after he was exposed to Jazz music, he started to play the saxophone. Eldad studied arts in the prestigious high-school “Thelma-Yellin”.

After graduating high-school, in 1999, Eldad was performing at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat – with a big brass band, as the saxophonist with his original musical materials. At the same festival he also played the keyboards for a modern music group.

Since 2000, after serving in the Air Force, Eldad has been working with the biggest artists and singers in Israel, by playing, performing, producing and making musical process for their songs. He is playing with Rita since 2007, and used as her music director. In addition, during those years he was playing and participating in various productions and albums of other known artists, like Idan Raichel, Shlomi Shabat, Arkadi Duchin, Mika Karni and Arik Einstein. During 2014 Eldad was performing with Rita at the big “Babel Med” Festival in France, and in the United Nations.

In 2011 he met with the singer Irit Dekel. Together, they created the valued musical project, “Last of songs”- Which is also the name of the project’s first album.

In the project`s first album there are 12 songs – All original musical arrangements of familiar songs in the jazz genre, originally performed by artists as Billie Holiday, Carmen McRae and Barbra Streisand. The famous songs get new interpretation in the album, with an interesting combination of various musical genres such as pop, ethnic, classic and electronic. The meaning of the album`s name is “time delusions”, which means that the present is the only time that exists, and that`s why it is necessary to renew the past. The album is affected by several music styles and colors, and successfully combines between them. Therefore “Last of songs” believes, that their music is a bridge between different cultures, regardless of religion, race, color and gender.

The first “Last of songs” ‘s single was published in November 2013. Three singles came after it, which were played on the radio and got enthusiastic responses. In addition, the project release 10 video clips which were taken in five days. The video clips present visuals of Israel in the seventies, combined realistic Italian cinema.

In May 2013, as part of Tel Aviv Jazz Festival, the project performed at Tel Aviv cinematheque,
a collaboration with the Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon.
The promotional event of the first project`s single, which existed at Tel Aviv`s cinematheque in December 2013, was accompanied by the project`s photos and video clips exhibition. As part of the event, the project preformed one more time with the Andalusian Orchestra Ashkelon.

During 2014 the project performed at the Red Sea jazz Festival in Eilat, and went to a tour in Sicily for one week, performing on several Festivals in the island. In November this year the project preformed in Tel-Aviv`s Piano Festival. Now days “Last of songs” performs in various clubs in Tel-Aviv City and around Israel.