We live in a world that is always evolving. Times change, people come and go from our lives and it all seems too chaotic and out of control. While we often feel helpless and surrender to the fact that we cannot control time as it flows seamlessly, we do have a way of preserving certain moments and events that are significant in our lives as well the lives of those around us that matter most. Preserving these moments in photos is an easy way to hold a memory near and dear to yourself for a lifetime. How often it happens, that we come across an old picture taken years ago and it makes us stop and ponder…

Luckily for us, the evolution of science and technology has made things so much easier for the common man to keep collection of their life events and precious moments easily accessible and share them with their family and friends.

Educational institutes often have their school photo database fully operational and up-to-date with proper archives to cater to the needs of students and parents. Like all other important phases of a human life, the School years are of utmost significance. This is the first step in a child’s life which exposes them to the concepts of community and teaming up, living and working together. Educational institutes invest a lot of time and effort make their premises as hospitable and habitual for children as they know how important it is towards making them a successful contributor to the society.

School photos are always cherished and looked upon with pride, grins and flashback of how funky we all looked back in those days! Having access to an archiving system can potentially help us connect with our friends and classmates from around the world.