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If you are in the process of getting your dream home built or are trying to major renovation work done, then you cannot overlook the importance of establishing a strong foundation and base. This ensures that everything stays intact and can withstand the test of time gracefully. Now, when it comes to plastering options, you will have your regular plasters, your polymer-based types, and lime plasters. Lime plasters, contrary to what you might think, are popular for all types of homes and buildings. If you are interested, you can look up a list of reputable lime plasterers Cambridgeshire and book a consultation with them, and if you want to understand the demand behind lime plaster, you can continue reading the rest of the article.

  • The components and particles that makeup lime and lime plaster are a lot smaller than the components you will find in regular cement. The property makes lime stickier and flowy, so while it is still wet, it can penetrate many small spaces and crevices, and once the stickiness has dried, it ends up providing extra strength, so the results last longer, and thanks to the marvelous properties of lime, can become even stronger as lime calcite crystals start forming overtime and further reinforcing the space.
  • Lime is an easy and relatively forgiving material to work with. It is malleable and smooth so it makes it possible to spread it around and play with it better. More workability allows for a better job and overall finish.
  • Lime is an eco-friendly material because the materials and efforts that go into making it are not that bad for the environment, and lime can absorb carbon dioxide from its atmosphere as well. So, lime is a more natural material, is the more environmentally friendly choice.