best gaming motherboard for i9

Motherboard is one of the most important, and delicate components of your computer. Making the slightest of mistakes while handling and using it can damage, or completely break it.

Your PC won’t even boot unless your motherboard successfully detects every component attached to it and starts your computer. So, if you break your motherboard, it can be a huge problem.

Here are some mistakes which can ruin your motherboard, and how you can avoid these mistakes easily for ideal gaming performance.

Preventing Short Circuits

The problem of short circuits is more common in desktop computers, but can also happen with your laptop. Whether you are assembling your computer by yourself, or getting this service done by a professional, a poorly assembled computer is always at risk of short circuits.

Since all of the current in your computer goes through the motherboard before reaching any other component, it cannot get in touch with any metal. Usually, loosely fitted CPU coolers can cause lots of damage to your motherboard.

So, before booting up your system, thoroughly check for any loose cables or loose screws, and fix the issue to prevent your motherboard from short-circuiting.

Preventing Power Surges

Your power supply unit is connected to your motherboard, and it supplies all the power needed to operate your computer properly.

In order to prevent power surges, you should invest in a good PSU which can easily bear sudden power fluctuations.

It is also important to buy a motherboard with good VRMs. They regulate the voltage, and supply just enough to keep your PC alive without roasting it with more power than it actually needs.

Keep The Fans Clean

Fans are installed in PCs and laptops to push the heat out of the system when it’s running hot. Therefore, you should keep these fans clean to maintain a high quality airflow.