Dubai is known to be the main business hub of the Middle East. It’s also the most beautiful city in all of the United Arab Emirates. It got under the public eye for its brilliant infrastructure, liberal policies, construction projects, one in particular being the world’s tallest man made building. Plus the fact that it was 5 Hrs away from the EU, made it very popular for tourism.  While it grew popular for tourism, Dubai was best known for its wide array of business opportunities for foreign investors.

After the city’s prosperous developments, its transport system was deemed the best in the entire Middle East. It launched a new metro which got a lot of recognition throughout the region. While the city is occupied by a lot of traffic, most businessmen tend to stress over the fact that they don’t know the roads and locations, and may have to deal with a lot of setbacks due to this issue. In this case, the best and most cost effective way to travel across Dubai is to use ride services from companies that are RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) approved and guarantee a safe driver in Dubai. It’s a very complicated city with a lot of streets and avenues, so having a driver that’s familiar with the roads, is quite helpful. The Wojhati Journey Planner is also a very useful app for newcomers and tourists that are stressed about making a good decision, or businessmen that need help navigating the city.

In conclusion, the well-developed city and culture of Dubai is a great place to plan a business trip or spend time with your family, whether it be visiting the world renowned Mall of Dubai, having fun at a resort or visiting a fine dining restaurant. It’s got all that and more.