It is such a headache when your smartphone gets locked and we don’t know what to do next, we are not only concerned about our beloved phone not working but the main concern is regarding the loss of data, many who don’t know about the efficient methods that can be used to recover the phone often perform hard resets and lose data, but there are ways to unlock your smartphone without losing any of that data or even having any sort of risk of losing data, the level of security and the options to recover mobile phone differ from one smartphone to another, for example Samsung has this web based software application named Samsung find my device which makes it really easy to back up the data and lock/unlock your cellphone using this app.

If you have Samsung mobile and you have downloaded Samsung find my device then you are safe from a lot of mess, in case of mobile loss or lock/unlock you wouldn’t have to do a hard reset and lose all the data. If you have any other smartphone which does not have this web based software for example you are using a LG smartphone then the best way to recover a locked mobile phone is to use to SD card method.

There are a number of websites which offer a Step-by-Step Guide to Unlock Samsung and LG Phones and these are pretty helpful in actually getting the phone unlocked without that much of an issue, you would have to follow the guidelines properly in order to get the phone unlocked, these are basic, simple steps that we have to follow which include download of a software and copying it to your mobile SD CARD and getting the phone recovered.