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The legal system is extremely complicated, and it is important to recognize that it this way for a very good reason. Society consists of countless interconnected components, and it is impossible to predict how these disparate elements might interact with one another. What’s more is that the presence of laws that must be followed can put a bit too much power in the hands of people that write these laws as well as those that enforce them, so it helps to have a variety of checks and balances once all has been said and is now out of the way.

Most cases will have defendants being tried by a jury of their peers. The reason behind this is that they would get a much fairer judgment than might have been the case otherwise if they are being tried by random individuals rather than those that have a stake in the verdict and might try to swing it one way or the other. Lawyers working at Dreyfus Law Group often take part in jury selection, and they have some pretty stringent criteria that they adhere to when finding the right jurors for the task at hand.

Lawyers often judge jurors based on what kind of beliefs they have. Anything that suggests that they would have a hard time being impartial in deciding what verdict to give out will disqualify them more or less immediately. That said, it is usually not allowed to use ethnicity, gender or any such factors during the jury selection criteria. These criteria need to be objective as well, otherwise the system could get rigged in favor of the more privileged members of wider society.