There are many theatrical performances that are captivating and leave an impression on the audience that keeps them mesmerized for a long time. However, every now and then a certain play comes which breaks the norms of conventional theatrics and completely washes away the competition with its powerful characters, strong storyline, imaginative artists and a musical score that leaves everyone awestruck. The Hamilton musical is one such piece of art, that gets the audience fully involved and completely absorbed. It has a score that is greatly endeared by fans and considered to be some of the finest fusion of modern music and classic American songs. Hamilton Musical, during its two-year lifespan, managed to sell more than 1 billion worth in tickets.

Apart from its record-breaking success at the box office, Hamilton Musical managed to win almost every theatrical award that is available in the industry. It has been highly regarded by fans as well as critics to be one of the finest theatrical plays of recent American stage plays. The play is named after Alexander Hamilton who was one of the founding fathers of what is known today as the United States of America. A statesman, a lawyer, a scholar and a man of great intelligence and talents, he left his mark in history as a very influential person. Although one of the founding fathers, he was never known to be part of popular mythology. The story of the play features a young, poor immigrant who comes to America from the coast of the West Indies. With his determination and hard work, he is able to live the American dream.

The musical keeps playing in various cities and different venues. However, if someone is interested to schedule a visit, they can do a search for Upcoming Hamilton tour and get all the latest details about tour dates, locations, and timings.